How can I access a SDIO device?

Hi all,
my neat very low power ipfire mini-pc has an on-board WiFi device accessible via SDIO. I’d like to try it out, but it does not appear in network selection from the start. From searching for this rather new bus concept I know, that linux is not clear with it yet. And at least needs addional drivers to handle SDIO itself, before devices behind can be accessed at all. So my questions:
Is such a SDIO driver already available for ipfire? And if not, is there any chance to compile it for my own?
Any hints are appreciated.
Best regards

IPFire has a bunch of SDIO/MMC host and some device drivers.
most common is sdhci. But the bios/efi must correct the devices via acpi.

For instance the realtek module of Intel compute sticks are supported.

Thank you, Arne. Your reply showed me the way to get my WiFi running.

After it I searched some more and found a hint in bootlog, that the device actually is known (brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin), but the brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt file was missing. Another search in ipfire let me find the .bin under /lib64/firmware, together with two …sdio..txt files and one of them meeting my hardware (…MINIX-NEO_Z83-4…). I copied and renamed it to …sdio.txt, rebooted and got a new network adapter “sdio: brcmfmac”, that run as an AP and obviously fully controllable by hostapd from the start.

Of course I still need some more hours of testing, but for the moment it looks fine. The only thing is, that for now I always must reboot after changing the hostapd settings, as I don’t know yet, which is the right target for restart command.

Best regards