How are libloc databases made?


Congratulations for releasing libloc as an alternative to GeoIP. I would like to write an article about it on LinuxFr. It’s one of the main French free software community website were articles are written by developers and users. Libloc could interest the French developers, and then could bring contributions to libloc and to IPFire.

In order to be accurate, there is one thing I haven’t understood yet: how have the databases been generated ?


welcome to the IPFire community.

The location database is generated from BGP announcements we observe and raw (public) data downloaded from the RIRs (ARIN, RIPE, AfriNIC, LACNIC, APNIC). Some inaccuracies such as networks claiming to be related to the USA in order to evade geographic-based firewall rules are manually corrected by us. Same goes for networks being used for hosting anonymous proxies, by satellite providers, or a known anycast services.

I hope to have answered your questions. If not, just drop me a line here. :slight_smile:

Either way, there is a mailing list available for libloc development, discussion and maintenance. For press announcements, you might be interested in the press mailing list (low-volume) as well.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for the explanation, it’s clear !

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