Hostapd power management TX Power

After new kernel few releases ago and new hostapd, power management of wifi card stopped working.
Always stays in full power TXPOWER 20dB 100mW whatever power i set if HT Caps are set.
If i remove HT Caps, power is fixed at 14 mW, smaller range and lower speeds.

WIFI card is old but gold AR9380.


Anyone experienced such behavior, and what is solution?


I want to help you but my wlanap page does not show power consumption for the wifi card.

My wlanap page say “auto” for the power management… and it was like that since I ever installed ipfire some years ago…

You can set number, and then on the bottom of page (not where you take screen shot) you will see tx power in mW.
I think reboot is necessary.

In first look you also have full power, because it shows 30 dBm.

Neighborhood scan is broken. Disabling neighborhood scan cause wifi card to operate at full power. This was not the case with previous version of hostapd.

When enabling neighborhood scan, power is fixed at 14 dBm and cant be changed.

And wifi signal is dropping down at least once a day, for couple of minutes.