Hostapd inoperable after switching to (WAP2+3 && 802.11w optional )

I have hostapd running on NanoPi R1 and latest master (153).
WLAN works as expected when I use

  • Channel: 1-11
  • Encryption: WPA2
  • 802.11w : disabled

However the following issues are experienced

  1. Setup A:
    When, Encryption = WAP2+3, 802.11w = Disabled
    Then, SSID visible however PSK is not acceptable, although correct;
    Tried restarting hostapd few times with no results; PSK always fails

  2. Setup B:
    When, Encryption = WAP2+3, 802.11w = Optional
    Then, an additional blue0_man is created; SSID is not broadcasted anymore; “SSID doesn’t exist” message shows on laptop when trying to connect as hidden network
    ** After restarting hostapd few times, the SSID becomes visible and connects however it cannot get a DHCP address (client gets a non-addressable one); Setting manually the IP to match the blue0 or the green0 subnets achieves no connectivity;
    ** Putting settings back to Encrypt=WPA2 & 802.11w=off doesn’t restore functionality (cannot connect)
    ** Only way to recover from this situation is through a reboot

Anything else I should try to troubleshoot both setups ? unless i should forget Setup A/B on NanoPi (incompatible)

Setup B: blue0 MAC == blue0_man MAC

Setup B: blue0_man clone of blue0

Have been getting the same issue (blue0_man & blue0) when I try to set new capabilities.