HostAPd Guest Wifi

Is it possible to add another AccessPoiint SSID sometimes called Guest Wifi AP using hostapd?

I am using a single Compex WLE200NX 802.11a/b/g/n miniPCI express wireless card

Thank you

I’m also interested in that kind of feature. But it’s not only adding a second ssid, it must be possible to assign it to a own vlan to isolate the clients from the rest of the network (green) so they can only access the internet.
I did a little research for hostapd.conf and for me it is just to difficult to understand all necessery options :frowning:
For example it’s necessery to change the mac address of the interface to assign a new mac to each ssid. But what will happen when i manually do this change? And where do i have to make the changes “/etc/hostapd.conf” or “/var/ipfire/wlanap/hostapd.conf”? And how long will this work till the next reboot, the next update, the next call of the wui?

So i think it is not possible at the moment and the feature can only come from the developers.

Maybe we can figure something out using IP tables