Hostapd fails after 156 update

after applying IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 156 I encountered hostapd not starting anymore. Wifi was working before flawlessy.
Wlan AP UI reports

Atempts to start hostapd manually from the command line end up with

Removing blue0 and setting it up again did not help unfortunately.

Do we have a faulty version of hostapd with the current update? Any ideas?

I can confirm this. I updated from 153 to 156.
The WLan Status part on page /cgi-bin/wlanap.cgi shows strange output:

Best regards

It seems this issue applies only to the both of us :neutral_face:

Anyone else?

There are a few others with hostapd issues… Maybe one of those might help?

There is also a hostapd bug that you may want to take a look at:

maybe is this problem?

I did an re-installation of hostapd package. This worked, but it seems mysterious for me how this could happen w/ this error symptoms.

Unfortunately, re-installing of the hostapd package did not help for me :neutral_face:

Just open ‘/var/ipfire/wlanap/settings’ and remove the INTERFACE line. The web user interface should ask you to select an interface then. Do that and hit save.


That did it :smiley:
Thank you, Michael

The MAC address of the blue interface changed, obviously. How could that happen?