High CPU frequency after update to 182

I’ve seen several posts on high CPU frequency after updates and some solutions/workarounds.

Here’s an extract from my /etc/collectd.conf file:

LoadPlugin conntrack
LoadPlugin cpu
LoadPlugin cpufreq
LoadPlugin disk
LoadPlugin interface
LoadPlugin iptables
LoadPlugin load
#LoadPlugin logfile
LoadPlugin memory
LoadPlugin ping
LoadPlugin processes
LoadPlugin rrdtool
LoadPlugin sensors
LoadPlugin swap
LoadPlugin syslog
#LoadPlugin wireless
LoadPlugin match_regex

I can’t work out if this is an issue that needs to be corrected. So, I’m posting my graphs (year and month) after updating to 182.

As you can see from the year screenshot, I’ve had elevated frequencies, usually after updates. The falls happen after other updates.

The CPU and Load Average graphs remain low.

Is this something that requires action? Is it something to be concerned about?


To be honest, as far as I am concerned, no it is not something to be worried about.

I have occasionally also seen step changes, although smaller than yours. They have never ended up affecting the performance of IPFire in terms of the other performance graphs.

The change could be as simple as changes in the linux kernel changing how the freq is calculated or shown, ie the performance stays the same but the graph is different.
It could also be that there has been some other change in the kernel or iptables or some other package that causes a change in the requirements on the cpu and hence you see a change in the frequency performance.

In either case any change is never something that I have chased up and the performance of IPFire for me has not been adversely affected.

Are you seeing performance impacts, such as reduced throughput or other factors that make you concerned or is it related to seeing the steps in the cpu freq graph?

In other posts other users have tried to change the performance governor defined by IPFire to on-demand governor and found little difference in anything, including the cpu graph.

I have also seen comments that the kernel developers don’t do much with the cpu frequncy governors any more as with modern processors the difference are relatively small and some cput’s just ignore what is set and do their own thing anyway.

In conclusion, I rarely look at my cpu freq graph except when it comes up in the forum.

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Adolf Belka - Thank you for replying.

I occasionally look at Status > System to get an overview of load. Sometimes I notice the CPU freq changes after upgrades but I’ve just ignored it. This time I decided to investigate it - for no particular reason!

The CPU usage is low: averages 99% idle; I’ve not noticed any throughput slowdown.

I’ll continue to ignore it unless I learn otherwise.