Help with selecting PCIe Wifi Card for Blue Network


This my first post here and I really like IPFire.

I was wondering what PCIe card works best? I would like to use it in the Blue network as an Access Point.

I was reading on other posts that Atheros is the better card in terms of getting both bands working.

I looked on the hardware compatibility list and found the Atheros QCA6174. Is this one of the best options for wireless AC running in Access Point mode?

Any information would be appreciated!

Thank you

Hello @benja,

Welcome to the IPFire community! I’m currently using a WLE600VX WiFi card (link here), and it’s working extremely well with IPFire. This is the extent of my knowledge on the topic.

If I were to use PCIe chipset, one option to use the same card would be to find an adapter that allows a miniPCIe card to fit into a PCIe slot. Another approach would be to look for a PCIe WiFi card that has the same Atheros QCA9882 chipset.

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Hi @cfusco ,

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I found a mini pcie card with that chipset and I ordered it. I’m researching a mini pcie to pcie adaptor card now.

Can I ask what you have your HTCaps and VTcaps configuration set at?

Thanks again!

You can find them here. WLE600VX is the WIFI card of the mini appliance.

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Thank you!!!