I would like to know if there is a any API or other method that an external web application can quuery the connectivity status of ethier wifi and 4G.

and other data i.e. security logs


Your usual ‘API’ is the WebGUI. But you can query informations with SNMP also.

What kind of web application do you want to use?

we are developing an application to check for this data, and also to manually reconnect to the wifi, or 4G, as we don’t want to expose the firewall, just using the api, for this

Just to collect information about network devices SNMP is the standard.
What kind of API do you think of?
Where should the application work? On the client device or on IPFire?


unfortunately, there is no well-defined API for IPFire 2.x. However, configuration changes issued through the web interface translate into plaintext configuration files sooner or later, and certain auxiliary binaries (so-called “misc-progs”) are used for executing privileged commands, e. g. to reload services after configuration changes.

Therefore, while IPFire cannot offer you a HTTP(S)-based API, you should be able to automate the changes you want by writing the respective configuration files remotely, such as through a SSH connection.

Sorry to disappoint, and best regards,
Peter Müller