Help Wanted with LDAP, RADIUS, identd

The wiki needs your help!

Do you use authentication method LDAP, RADIUS, or ident?

If so then we need you! The wiki really needs your help in adding content to the following pages. I’ve added some pretty pictures and a few headings. It is a ad hoc template - do not feel the need to keep any of it.

IPFire Wiki - LDAP Authentication

IPFire Wiki - RADIUS Authentication

IPFire Wiki - Ident authentication

Can you help us?

EDIT: if you need assistance adding wiki content please speak up. I’d be happy to help!

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No one uses LDAP? RADIUS? ident?

How can this be?!?

I use Radius for WIFI authentication of the access points on the blue interface. Was tricky, because normally every single client has to be enabled for blue.
For the proxy I did not find it necessary until now.

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@anon79392304 - would you be so kind to add some RADIUS information to the wiki?

Just out of interest:
Enabling Radius authentication will imply that each client using the (transparent) proxy has to type in his credentials to access Internet, correct?

What about devices or programms on Windows or Linux OS, that don’t care about any configured proxy? Or various IoT devices like IP-cameras and others? Will they have access to internet, too?


@hellfire Radius authentication does not work with the transparent proxy.

@jon I have only dealt little with the interaction of proxy and radius. I don’t think i can help you there.

Recently started using the radius protocol to transfer one-time protected passwords to a remote device. It is the radius 2 factor authentication technology that allows you to send an encrypted password using various security tokens, which is what the new radius work approach is based on. I recommend you to read it.