Help Needed: Firewall Rules disappeared from Web Interface

I have an IP Fire running in AWS. This virtual machine ran out of disk space (100% on the partition used for the root file system) earlier today.

I found out about this when trying to add a “Road Warrior” VPN connection, and got an error on the web interface. While trying to see if it was a problem with the web-ui, I clicked “New Rule” in Firewall Rules Page. and tried to add a new rule. This was done while the system was still at 100% Disk utilization.

The “Firewall rules” Page now shows -no- rules. But the “Apply Changes” button is active. When I SSh into the IPFire, and do an iptables -L, I see all the rules. previously configured.

I have fixed the disk space Issue. The only pending repair I need to do is the missing “Firewall Rules” entries in the web UI.

I am worried that if I hit “Apply Changes” I will overwrite all the rules in the system. I am looking for assistance on how to get past this issue.

So save the config first / make a backup.

Mostly because this thing sits up the in AWS, and if I apply the config and all the firewall rules get flushed, then I lose connectivity to the instance ( and likely the rest of AWS through the site-site VPN I have with my local IPFire.)

My desire is to remove or over-write the “pending” changes from the system. As I’m sure they are currently being saved somewhere in the troubled IPfire…

If you go to system/backup, do you have an older backup file there (a file called date-version.ipf) ? In that case you can do a restore and you should see the firewall rules back. I think packfire generates a backup each time an update is applied. Regardless, for the future please back up the configuration files and keep them safe in your laptop/desktop.