Headless ipfire configuration

I try to configure ipfire installation on a headless RPi.

Does anyone know which services will start and where to search for these services that start during boot, before the configuration screen appears during ipfire installation?

I like to start the SSH service manually changing by ipfire distribution after imaging the .img file, so it starts early. Additionally, I would like to configure the ethernet port IP addresses manually or via /etc/DHCPCD.conf or via /etc/interfaces.

Further, does IPFire comes with vnc server installed?

The services are defined in /etc/rc.d/rc.* see sysvinit doku on other linux distros.

I think the best way is to add an additional cloudinit script for your needs. Microsoft cloudinit should a good example how to add a dhcp and import a config from a local server.

No. vnc servers need a grapic environment like xwindows which is not used by IPFire.