Having trouble donating to IPFire

So I’m having trouble donating because the system is trying to send me a 6-Digit OTP through SMS it doesn’t look like I’ll be receiving that anytime soon cause maybe issues with the payment gateway’s SMS provider?

With that in mind, I wonder if there are other venues where I could send my donation as the IPFire project has been extremely helpful to me in securing my network and that kernel update was so wonderful, I can’t help but be so grateful like really, cause finally ACPI is working properly on my laptop, heat generated became lower, CPU throttling working as intended, and all-in-all electrical savings!

I just made a donation.
I was offered an alternative without sms, this worked for me.

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Interesting, May I know how do I access this alternative? I don’t recall noticing anything like that, not unless I wasn’t paying enough attention around the pages that I was browsing.