Hardware with 2 x 100mbps LANs


I have here my old ipfire hardware (the old NanoBox), I updated it some time ago with other one with 1Gb LAN (DuoBox), bacause of the IPS and other services I wanted to use. The thing is, what can I do with the old one?

If I just build it into the LAN of a friend of mine, would it choke some stream because of the 100mbps? I don’t really understand the thing with mbps while surfing. As I understand, it depends on what do you (and others) do in your LAN, isn’t it? If 3 people will stream movies at the same time, I think 100mbps will be too low, isn’t it?

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In my opinion, for browsing, email and watching movies on platforms I think it works well. For downloads with Bitorrent, eMule and all that, the more the merrier.

I explain. I think that going from 10 mbps, what matters is the latency of the connection, that is, the time it takes between responses. This assuming a “normal” use of the internet (browsing, mail and stuff).

Going from X mbps, what gives a sensation of speed is the latency (although the operators sell us the bike).

The operators (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Digo, etc …) put the mbps thing in our heads but that’s not all. It’s like I say, which do you prefer, a 100mpixel camera with a bad cmos sensor or a 5mpixel camera with Leica or CarlZeiss optics?

It’s my opinion (maybe I’m confused). Maybe someone can give another point of view (it will be welcome).


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Ok, sure, the promotion with mbps and pixels is good known :slight_smile:
But what about movie streaming via netflix and so on? What about 3 people streaming at one time?

By the way… my nanobox is “broken” after update to 159… hmmm…
The router can not see it (with DHCP), I also can not ping it. So I think something went wrong with the update. The WAN port shines green and red the whole time. Do somebody know, how can I connect to it? I have serial USB on nanobox, but no driver for it (Matrix USBUART v1.1 1704). Tried it some time ago without any success. Great!

I would not by any arm32-bit anymore. I think the best fit is something like the NanoPi R2S or the IPFire Mini wiki.ipfire.org - IPFire Mini Appliance

Contact TX-Team about this. We have never finished the IPFire Nano.
You need an you need an updated devicetree file for the new Kernel 5.x to boot the TX-Team NanoBox.

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I have DuoBox, this thing works very well. Just wanted to use the old nanoBox for something in the home LAN.

Oh, so… how can I update this devicetree file? Does it belong to the firmware of the lightningwire hardware or is it something, that everybody can get from the internet?

It belongs to the TX-Team hardware. We have developed one for kernel 4.14 for the TX-Team prototype hardware that TX-Team has just used for the final box. This need some changes for the new linux kernel.

If TX-Team update the file and send in patches i can add it…

ok, thanks!

Necessary bandwidth on Netflix:

hmm… so if I get it work, it will be ok for with the bandwidth. Thanks! :slight_smile:

So the problem of booting the device is the new kernel 5.x. If I want to use this hardware, I can just install 4.x Kernel, isn’t it? For example 158 version of ipfire.

But I suppose it will not be secure after a while.

Also if I install something else, I will get problems with kernel 5.x, isn’t it?

Netflix bandwidth (English):