GUI unavailable following 159 > 180 update


Investigating a recent intermittent internet connection issue, I logged into the ipfire GUI this morning to check for available updates. There was a notification for update 159 > 180.

Clicked the notification which took me to the pakfire page where I clicked the install button below the listed update. The browser status said something to the effect of Downloading Information, however the window where the update was listed (just above the install button) was blank and never listed any steps of the update progress as it normally does.

I walked away and left it for about 30 minutes. When I returned to check it, the GUI page was now an “Unable to connect” page. It is now not possible to connect to the GUI at the IP address on port 444.

However the ipfire server seems to be working, internet is available and remote users are connected, so the firewall is up and running with the same configuration it has had for years. I just don’t know what version it is running and I am unable to access it to view the status and maintain it when needed.

Suggestions on how to proceed from here? I don’t know any other method to access the ipfire other than the GUI.


I was able to access the console, which I have not used before so I don’t know what I’m looking at. The attached screenshot is of the current console following the update attempt.

Looks like a couple of processes didn’t go off and that it’s hung up on “INIT: version 2.27 reloading”.

The INIT: verrsion x.xx reloading messages are generated by some of the core updates if sysvinit was updated. Also some update disable the webserver for some time while the update is installed.
But core180 contain sysvinit 3.00 so it has not reached the last update yet. There are some large core updates that can take much more than 30min for one core update so maybee it is still running…

Try to login on the console and check the logs in /opt/pakfire/logs