GUI Enhancement that would be very usefull

One thing I think is missing from the PakFire page is a brief description (2 or 3 lines) of each “Addon” when it is selected in either the left or right “Addons” panel, preferably with a link to a page of more info.

At the moment the only way to find out what it does involves a Google or Wiki search.

Some are obvious like “MC” but others are more obscure to Linux inexperienced users.


Hi @softfoot1 ,
the WUI offers a possibility for further information of the installed Addon via the question mark top left next to the name e.g. →

otherwise just use the search machine of your trust e.g. → ipfire addon wiki - MetaGer or feel free after that to use the IPFire wiki instead. A lot, if also not all, Addons find a description in there.




David - interesting idea!

The closest we get today is clicking on the Circle ? (as Erik mentioned) :

And then clicking on the word Add-ons in the first line:


Why have to install the addon before knowing what it does?
I know, Addon list is not like an application carousel, however… it’s like the current model for almost anything which is not look for the website, download and install.

If addon list is kept, then at least provide a short (4 rows top) description.

Seconded. Bug it.