Guardian lost all it's common sense

This wins the day… When your IDS/IPS tells you it lost all it’s common sense!!! LOL

All I did was run pakfire…

What exactly did you when running pakfire?

for it to “just work”.
Maybe I lost my common sense too. :thinking:

So how do I fix it?

@mpyusko maybe reinstall the guardian addon, then start/restart it.

ref: - The Guardian 2.0 Addon

I don’t think this helps really. common::sense is a Perl module installed with the base system.
Can be found with
find /usr/lib -iname "sense*"

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So you’re telling me how to find some sense. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is indeed a very interesting name for a Perl module.

Despite its existence I would say that common sense has still not landed in Perl, yet.

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It’s like programming in Assembler. You can do many things, but to produce readable and maintainable code you should adhere some discipline. :wink:

FWIW… Uninstalling/Reinstalling Guardian didn’t fix it. However uninstalling/reinstalling common-sense did fix it.

I did expect this. common::sense isn’t a module installed with Guardian, but contained in the basic distribution.