Group by hosts with MAC

Hi all

I was playing with groups…
I created:

  1. a group (in network/host)
    2 some host with ipaddress

and I assigned the host to the group. Then in the source field ,I seleced the group name in Network/Host.
That works…

If I change host, with the device MAC (not IP), the same rule DOES NOT work.

do you know why? Is there any setup I have to change?

This might help:



if I understood your rule setup correctly, this would mean the same group contains both IP and MAC addresses. I am actually surprised we support configurations like that. :slight_smile:

Do things work well if you create a dedicated group for MAC addresses, clone the firewall rule in question, and set its source to the MAC address group previously created?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Hi Peter

each group has been set using or all IP or all MAC. No mix at all.
I re-tested:

  1. I created a new host named IPAD MAC where I included the Mac addr.
  2. Then I created a new group named Test and assigned the host in point 1
  3. in the end, I’ve changed the rule, including the group Test in source field

In IPAD, I put, but then It does not reach the page.
I don’t know where to look for…
Thanks for your support


By the way: I’m using
on RPI 3