Green no internet on 171

I attempted to update 170 to 171 which failed giving me a kernel error. so i installed fresh. now i have no green internet access. blue works. hostapd is broken even after remove, reboot, reinstall (says returns 1, during boot). not sure if this is related. inter-green is fine, just no internet. it does occasionally seem to appear, then disappear again shortly after. ideas or do i go back to 170?

for whatever reason it worked when we put a ggogle dns in a couple of pc’s. went back to 170 for now. also discovered we had a bunch of add-ons no longer required.

There were quite a few reports of kernel problems with CU169 and CU170, mostly related to specific types of USB devices, but these all seemed to be fixed with the latest kernel version that was included with CU171. In fact CU171 has had very few issues reported with it.

Yours is the first mention of a kernel issue with CU171, which has been released for around 5 weeks now.

To help to identify what is causing the problem it is always a good idea to take a screenshot of the kernel error message, or if that is not possible, a photo of the screen with the message.
Also good to provide a copy of the boot log if there is a problem occurring during the booting process.

Without a copy of the logs or the kernel message it is difficult to figure out what happened. It would be good if you could provide them from when you next try the upgrade to CU171.


will do when i have a go.