Graphs how to read incoming and outgoing?

Hello All,

Have been running IPFrire for a few weeks now (IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core Update 159). Everything works great, Red/Orange/Blue/Green. Was really nice to setup great product.

I have a quistion about the incoming/outgoing traffic graphs, how should one read these? They seem back to front to me…

For example I just ran a backup of a server from the Orange Zone to the Green Zone (rsync). So traffic from Orange to Green yet the graphs, the way I read them show Orange traffic as incoming and Green traffic as outgoing? Something wrong with my mind set? Am I mad?

And the Green Interface…

You are right, I never noticed this! The only way it would make sense is if “outgoing” and “incoming” is from the point of view of the router.

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That is right!
I assume data flow was from the server in orange network to client in green network. Then the full flow is serverIPFireclient. The orange NIC on IPFire receives these data and transmits them on the green NIC. Exactly this is documented in the graphs.


I know this problem. It depends on the point of view. Being an user of a network I look at my client, but the graphics focus on IPFire.
Just for completeness. :wink:

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Thanks all, ok I have to think differently then. The router is only concerned about its interfaces and not the zones themselves… makes sense now I think about it.