Gparted / increase boot partition

Hi all!
The boot partition of my ipfire is nearly full… so in the longterm I need to get it bigger.

GParted sound fine for that. But I´m not sure how to do it, because one point isn´t clear.
I would connect my ipfire via serial connection to my PC, than reboot it and try to start a GParted live USB Stick. Is that right?


Whether GParted would boot in that mode depends on your PC. You would also have to move the main partition and that takes a long time.

Your problem is similar to Filesystem full: /dev/sda1 after update to 142

As explained there, the solution is to do a fresh install, then restore backup

Normal 64GB should be enough for sd?1.
If you use the xfs filesystem there is a problem with erasing files. The diskspace is reserved until a remount or filesystem check.

Hi @rodneyp, hi @arne_f

thanks for the hints!
That should help.