Google Fiber and Port Forwarding

So while setting up IPFire on Google Fiber, I had a lot of problems with port forwarding. Lo and behold, I had forgotten that behind the Fiber box, I have been double NATted. Figured others would have the same issue.

The solution is easy:

  1. Log into your Fiber account (
  2. On the left, choose “Network”
  3. You should see your ipfire box connected to your modem
  4. Select the ipfire box
  5. Expand “Advanced”
  6. Turn on “Reserved IP” (required for port forwarding)
  7. Turn on “DMZ”

Voila! Your IPFire box is now completely exposed to the Internet through the Fiber box.



Thanks for sharing your experience.

Thank you for sharing this indeed.

Is the wiki not a better place for this though?

New here…not quite sure where everything goes yet. Thought the community forums was at least a good place to start. I’ll see whether I can locate the wiki.


the wiki is located at, if that is what you mean. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Hi Michael! I was digging thru the wiki trying to determine a location for this information. Where would be a good place for this? Maybe a Tips & Tricks area needs to be created? (probably not the best name for it!)

Probably here:

We could create a section called “Providers” and have instructions for each and every one of them on their own subpage. We should not need setup instructions for all of them, but I suppose it is handy to have those that are special.

@djkieras - Hi David! Welcome to the IPFire community!

Here is a nice place for your findings. Share away!

Done. Thanks!

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I moved it to an extra page, because if more and more providers are being added, this will make the page super long and most of that content will be irrelevant for most people.

A nice own page is nicer :slight_smile:

Thanks for adding it!