Getting started with PatternFly webGUI

I wanted to play around with IPFire and PatternFly and see what I could whip up in terms of redoing a front-end for IPFire. I believe the GPLv3 (IPFire) and MIT (PatternFly) licenses are compatible, but correct me if I’m wrong. I realize that would be a lot of work, but I kinda just wanted to build a proof of concept first to see. Before I start this, I just wanted to see if there was something already in the works or if this would be a waste of time. I can see there’s a 2.x and a 3.x on GitHub, but 3.x doesn’t look as active, so I just wanted to check in here first to see the best place to start.
Looking at the code, it looks like it’s written in Perl which writes out the html with the processed variables and such, so I imagine the same could be done using the html/css version of PatternFly. PatternFly already has a bunch of components like this login page and a good place to start would be to use the Primary-detail demo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

This sounds like a really cool idea but wouldn’t you need the IPFire backend to provide some sort of REST-ish interface? My understanding was that the IPFire frontend didn’t really provide something like that.

Either way good luck! I wish I had any non-trivial front-end experience so I could help.