Getting started with ipfire - service from red to green

Hi there;
After visiting pfsense/opnsense and getting frustrated about their ability to run on recent hypervisors (unraid based here) i have ended up here, having a smoother installation experience.

However, I have run into my first “noob” question.
I’m trying to enable a simple webserver from the internet to a server on my LAN(green zone), running on port 8082. Plain http.
Connectivity from ipfire to the internal host i OK - I see the packets on the red0 interface, but nothing seems to get forwarded on the green0 interface
My packets seem to be ending their lift in the DROP_INPUT rule.
I have configured firewall rules like this:

PS: ipv6 would be appriciated, though…

Hi @spaceman

Welcome to the IPFire Community

Your Port Forward rule looks reasonable to me. It has the same structure as ones I have in place and they are forwarding packets.

So very basic question, please don’t be upset.
After creating the Port Forward rule, you did press the Apply Changes button at the top of the Firewall page.

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Doh, that fixed it :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick response.

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