German section?

Maybe already discussed elsewhere, but are there plans for a German speaking category?

Sometimes it is difficult expressing this or that in English, hence it would be useful to have such a category, too. Perhaps with sub-categories?


thank you for bringing this up.

This has indeed been discussed a lot over the years and the decision was made to only have this forum in English.

This is way more inclusive to people everywhere in the world and the de-facto standard language in any Open Source project.

Having a community in multiple languages would be to not have one, but multiple, separate communities which we do not want. We are one group working towards the same goal!


Good point, nevertheless I would rate my English capability nearly native speaking, I sometimes have some troubles expressing myself in this language and tend to write in my native, German language.

OTH, I bet we will see German postings here, too over the time, like in other communities, since you cannot stop the users from doing so.

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Yes, we will probably see those posts, but they will have to be moderated (i.e. deleted) as we do it with all other posts in any other languages.

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Maybe as a compromise we could ask users having trouble expressing themselves to ask their question in English and in their native language. First paragraph in English and second paragraph in native language.

Would that work?


Good point!

No that won’t work. The person who replies to it might reply in the native language again and that makes the whole point of posting in two languages moot. Nobody will post their reply in both languages, even if they speak them both. It doubles the workload for no reason.

It is really important that we are sticking to the rules here. It is really not too much to ask.


I agree for “not native language, english only”.
I am registered into another community, which head of the project is italian as i am, and i don’t dare to write in italian, or answering italian people which post in italian. It’s unpolite, and prevents to access to all cases for all the people into community.
I am quite cut-off from all the experiences and answers that were given in german. Es tut mir leid, ich spreche nicht Deutsch (copy and paste from a website, if it’s awful tell me :wink: ) it’s my bad for not knowing German language, but i not able to understand and being inspired by all the problems, issues, bugs and users cases on PhpBB.

It’s a bit tough to think and correct myself for English writing, but it helps me to keep training my expressions and helps to be more comprehensible: i will compose easier clauses and will simply what i’m trying to say, so i will be easier to understand to other people.
Little hints for other people: I am running a portable version of Firefox which requests English pages and has English spellchecker integrated. And it will have credentials stored for IpFire Discourse.
Have a lot of fun…


I agree with pike_it,

It’s complicated to search at first, and later follow and understand in the german section.
Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot useful information in the german section, old forum, but for non german people it’s complicated and it’s really a pity.

English is way easier, at least for me, to translate and understand.

Ipfire comunity should be english driven, my 2 cents.


Thank you both very much for your feedback. This is indeed showing that we have made the right decision!

I agree with Michael, but, to help the compression of non-native English, could this be implemented in Discurse?:

It´s an idea.



Yes, I also thought there should be every language category available on the website because the audience came from globally and visit here.

Hi @sendgroupsms

Welcome to the IPFire community.

The IPFire community forum FAQ
has the following line in it.

Please post in English only. We want to be as inclusive as possible to people from everywhere in the world and the de-facto language in Open Source projects is English.

As already indicated earlier in this thread that decision is not going to be changed.

What has been recommended by other non-native English speaking people is the following translator
as giving a very good quality translation.