GeoIP block is not working

I did a new install and I am trying to solve a problem with the network configuration.
I cant get GeoIP blocking working, the country list is empty.

I did “xt_geoip_update” in bash, but this did not help to update the list.

found this on the website

Starting December 30, 2019, downloads will no longer be served from our public GeoLite2 page, from*, or from any other public URL. See the section below for steps on how to migrate to the new download mechanism.

is this the problem?

can you help me?

I fear you are right. :frowning:
I’ll post a ticket at bugzilla

Update: done. #12264

Discussion in Bugzilla shows, that there is no update possible from Maxmind ( because of their EULA! ).
Thus Geoip blocking will be functional not before the migration to libloc.

OT: the actions of Maxmind remind me to the behaviour of regarding european copyright. :frowning:

thank you for the info
I have to wait until the migration to libloc before I can use my new router with GeoIP block :unamused:
I like the tool
is there any info when this will happen ?

I have an old version of the GeoIP database and a few files more copied to my new system and now GeoIP Block seems to work.
I do not know if I copied all the right files and keep this router for a while as a test system until there is a solution of the developers, :smile:

Answer in Bugzilla:

“We will ship the oldest version of the database…”

Hopefully it will be the latest… :laughing:


One more argument against non-native communication. :wink:

I used a database from november 2019 and it seems to work

I was searching on the old forum and there ware a lot of post in the German languish but I didn’t understand it well enough to know what to do, sometime a translation website is a useful tool, there is a lot of information on the old forum, so if that can stay online in a read-only mode, I think that will be helpful.
English is not my native languish but I can understand it enough to find a solution for this kind of problems. :grinning:

which file(s) do I need to copy?
I built another ipfire for a colleague yesterday and she’d like to have the db. My ipfire has it.

I had to copy 2 folders, one is called GeoIP and you find it in
/var/lib/GeoIP (13 files)
and the other is called xt_geoip and found it in
/usr/share/xt_geoip (508 files).

good luck

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Thanks for the info. This worked for me.

install rsync using pakfire on both systems
from the box that has a good database:

rsync -av /var/lib/GeoIP/
rsync -av /usr/share/xt_geoip/

Or maybe easier for the moment.
Seems to be available here: (use at your own risk)

change the line in /usr/local/bin/xt_geopip_update

Might be easier…


YES!!!, this works OK.

Thanks @dragonslayr


@dragonslayr, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

It work, but you have to modify the file : /usr/local/bin/xt_geoip_update

Just for information:
Core 140 will contain the last available DB from end of December 2019.

If you are on core139 you can download the already converted DB and install it:

tar xvaf GeoIP-LiteCity-1-2csv-xtables-20191217.tar.xz -C /

This is the latest database that i have got yet which is still under Creative Commons and not the new EULA.