Gateway wrong on BLUE!

Hi guys!

I setup today ipfire with red, green and blue!

Everything works fine except for the gateway of BLUE!

RED = dhcp

green and blue use dhcp and now the problem:

blue is sending the gateway to the clients and the clients show me “no internet connection” BUT when I change the whole thing to static with the gateway everything works fine!!!

Is it possible to change the gateway for blue from to or is there an error in the config?



Last screenshot



the gateway on BLUE has to be the IP address of the IPFire box on the BLUE interface. You cannot use any addresses from the GREEN subnet, because hosts on BLUE cannot reach it.

But, you cannot use the address when your subnet mask is It is the net address and is unusable. You probably want to use

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BTW: This also true for the GREEN network!

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Sorry for the late response.

It’s working now.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: