Gateway changing

At my home I have a Raspberry PI2b that acts as a server DHCP because the provider router [Fastgate by Fastweb in Italy] is a very basic router.
In this scenario the clients receive as the gateway the Raspberry ip, but I don’t want this.
Instead the right gateway is the ip of Fastweb router.
So, each time that it is necessary to modify something in the DHCP server managed by IPfire, after the modifications, I perform this:

// accessing to IPfire using ssh protocol
$ ssh -l root -p 222 ‘ip_ipfire’
// editing the DHCP server configuration. Nano must be installed or use any other text editor
$ nano /var/ipfire/dhcp/dhcpd.conf
// change to the ip of your real gateway
option routers x.x.x.x
// restart DHCP server
/etc/init.d/dhcp restart

It would be useful to have this possibility at the level of the general parameters in the user interface of DHCP Server.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Have a nice day!

Am I right to conclude that your raspberry pi2b is your ipfire system that you are using as a dhcp server to your clients.

If yes, then the gateway for your clients is the ipfire system (raspberrypi) because it is a router. Then the gateway for your ipfire system is the Fastgate Router.

If no, can you please give more details about what is connected to what in your network.

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Hi Adolf,
my Raspberry PI 2b is too slow to act as a real router/gateway.
I remember to you the network interfaces are at 100Mbps, one is derived from usb bus and the other is an usb network adapter.
At home I have a fiber connection running at 1 Gbps in download and 200 Mbps in upload attached to a Fastgate [Technicolor MediaAccess FGA2130FWB].
So all my clients and IOT devices are directly connected to Fastgate.
But using IPfire on Raspberry PI 2b allows me to have several opportunities as a DHCP server, a wake on line for my NASs or of knowing who is on line on my network, for example.
I understand that I’m using IPfire in no canonical mode, but it works!
If you need more info, please ask me

Hi Paolo,

OK, I understand what you are doing then. You are using IPFire as a dhcp server to your clients that are on the Internet (Red) interface of IPFire. That may work but it is not what IPFire was designed to do so I don’t expect that the dhcp server web page of IPFire will be modified to enable that.

Your current approach of editing the dhcpd.conf file after carrying out changes on the dhcpd WUI page is probably your only option.

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