FW Pinholes not working with squid transparent proxy on blue (core 171)


whenever squid transparent proxy on blue is enabled, I can’t get access from blue to green via http even if there is a pinhole.

Can anybody confirm that? So i’m not the only one having that problem?


Squid was updated from 5.6 to 5.7 in CU171. The changes in squid 5.7 were bug fixes together with some compile and debugging fixes.

I didn’t notice any issues with squid but I am not using transparent and I don’t have any pinholes between my blue and green networks.
There were no reports from the Testing Release of any issues with squid.

Maybe @mfischer can test out the setup you are describing to see if he can duplicate your problem. I don’t have the possibility to test it out currently on my vm testbed.

I’ve been testing core 171 myself but don’t use the transparent proxy that often (just fore mobile devices). I rebuild my desk for home office and can just work with a laptop right now and the problem came up that I can’t reach any green devices via http.

Are you able to reinstall CU170 to check that it works okay to confirm the problem is something with CU171?

I didn’t give core 170 a try. Too buggy. No I can’t go back easily. Of course I have a backup from core 169, but the system is headless. I can use another system with the same firewall config and try that.

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