FW Log - Blue Network not visible

Hi @everyone,
we are using the Ipfire in our Company with Red Green und Blue Network Interfaces.
For fixing a connection problem of someones Phone in our Public Wifi i wanted to View the Firewall Log. But the Log only shows the internal green Network, not the Blue Network. There is no Option to Switch the Log file to the other Network. Is this a mistake in the Software -> Log Viewer?

We have abaut 190 Devices per Day in our Wifi, so this would be helpful finding connection Problems. The Firewall Rules are very stricted, so there wont be unwanted Communication :slight_smile:

kind regards,

The firewall-log shows the entries of all Interfaces if they has triggered a log output by a user rule or default policy (except you have disabled the logging in your rule or it are too much of the same entries [ratelimit])

Ah okay, i did not activate logging for that Last rule - Block all. Okay Thanks ill give it a try!