FTP not working since Core Update 156

Hi, been running IPfire 5 years now, firs time on the community. I have a FTP server for basically software downloads and any IT engineer tools etc. I am using FileZilla on a server 2012 box, since Core Update 156 I have not been able to browse the FTP DIRs ad sometime not get in to the FTP, internally it works so it has to be IPFIRE. Anyone else had this issues?

Hi Dave, first a welcome in the IPFire community.

Some time ago, with release of Core 156 I think, ALGs where removed from IPFire.
So all configurations relying on it don’t work anymore.
There are some topics about this.


welcome from my side, too. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, removing the ALGs in Core Update 155 was a breaking change, especially when it comes to FTP. NAT Slipstreaming, however, left us with no other option. :expressionless:

These are similar threads - depending on your exact FTP scenario, they may or may not be helpful:

Sorry for the inconvenience. After all, we are doing security here, so technically, we sometimes break things that would have otherwise worked… :smiley:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Hi Bernhard, thanks for the quick reply, I didn’t expect such a quick response, wow.

Ok I will have look at this, thanks again

Please look at Peter’s more specific answer, also.

Hi Peter, thanks for the reply, I will have a look at these and see if it can be fixed, I really miss my FTP server, especially when onsite, if it cannot be fixed I will to make our OWNCLOUD server the replacement server for the job as we use this FTP when on site etc.

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