FritzBox->Rot->DMZ (orange) Nextcloud nicht ereichbar

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The following structure FritxBox ports 443 and 80 forwarded to -> Ipfire-red -> Nextcloud orange not available!

I have the following problem, if I have my Nextcloud in the red network (Fritz-Box), it can be reached without any problems.
Unfortunately not in the orange network.
Do you have to create a firewall rule or why not come to orange (DMZ)?

Firewall options are FORWARD blocked and OUTGOING allowed.

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My humble opinion:

When using nextcloud privately, put it behind a vpn for security reasons.
Otherwise you have to think massively about securing the server.

I want to rub Nextcloud in the orange (DMZ) network, because of that it fails.

… Godda feed mo’ info, maaan…

for an example from the old forum:
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You will need to have port forwarding twice:

First in your FritzBox: Port 443+80 --> Static IP of the IPFire RED interface
Second in IPfire with firewall rules: Port 443+80 --> Static IP of your nextcloud server in ORANGE

That’s it.

Thanks for the help, I think it’s a little worth it …