Freebox in bridge mode and ipfire vlan configuration

I need help to create a VLAN between the red and the green.
I have an FTTH. The freebox server is like a modem which is connected to the red-wan of ipfire.
the freebox player is connected to the green-lan of ipfire, but they communicate each other by a vlan100.
so i need to create a tagged vlan100 bridge between red and green. but on the green there are the other network devices which need an untagged vlan1.

How I make that ?

Please help me!

No body can help??
I tried with igmpproxy. I found a topic about IPTV and igmpproxy. I modified the vlan from 8 to 100 but It doesn’t work.

I just need to create a bridge between red and green with vlan100 tagged. of course red must let go in the vlan 100.

Help Help HELP, PLEASE!!!

You might need a PPP WAN setup with the correct VDSL / VLAN settings configured.

I don’t think I can use the PPP connection because my ISP use HTTP and it’s a FTTP (optical fiber) connection.
The connection is established with the MAC address of the freebox.
I know that my ISP use IGMPv2 between the server and the player (TV).

There is no function in IPFire to do this in WebIF. Im also not sure if this works without a correct configured igmp proxy.

Try to add new vlan interfaces like usual in linux and put it to a bridge:

ip link add link green0 name green0.100 type vlan id 100
ip link add link red0 name red0.100 type vlan id 100
brctl addbr iptv
brctl addif iptv green0.100
brctl addif iptv red0.100
ip link set dev iptv up
ip link set dev green0.100 up
ip link set dev red0.100 up

If this work put it in /etc/sysconfig/rc.local