Free DynDNS provider that allows LE wildcards

so far I’m using all-inkl for DynDNS with IPFire.

Recently I took the challenge of creating Let’s Encrypt certificates with this provider and soon noticed that creating a LE cert with my main registered domain is possible by creating a TXT dns entry, but failed to do so with a wildcard dns entry or adding one for my DynDNS domains.

Two questions:
does somebody use the same provider and managed to get wildcard certs or certs for DynDNS domains?
If this is impossible with all-inkl, is there any free DynDNS provider I could use for this task.

OTH, I would prefer all-inkl since I’m a customer for over 10 years now and have register some domains with them.

Btw, I’m using those DynDNS domains to access various address in my LAN behind IPFire using port forwardings.



to my knowledge, ddns is only capable of updating IPv4 (and IPv6?) addresses,
as there usually is no need for keeping TXT records up to date if your public
IP address changes.

Some DNS providers have APIs for such tasks. Not sure if all-inkl does so as well,
but if they do, you most likely need an ACME client supporting their API.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

To my understanding so far, Dehydrated (available in Pakfire) is such a client:

But I’m just at the beginning of the steep LE certs learning curve and what’s more I would like to use nginx as a reverse proxy, too - but that’s an almost different story :crazy_face: