Food for thoughts: Today, Nobody is Going to Attack You

Hi IPFire community,

I recently stumbled across a diary at DShield/SANS ISC (which I can only recommend to IT security folks :slight_smile: ), and found it to be well-written and food for thoughts especially to newbies in the IT security field.

In case anybody is interested as well, the diary is available at:

DShield/SANS ISC: Johannes Ullrich: Today, Nobody is Going to Attack You.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Very good article.

We are not the navel of the world!!!.

We are in absolute psychosis and all we need is a little common sense and peace of mind.

The Distributor that I offer my services tells me to falsify reports so that the end customer can see the value of what he has contracted, that if he does not see things he will wonder why the hell do I have this? …

I think neither so much nor so bald, but you have to present a report so that you see that there is something that is doing something.



Thank’s, very interesting … remind me of few years ago when a came across kali on youtube.