Font in new Community

I wonder if that Community Interface setting can change the Community fonts.

For me this font is a little difficult to read. The old font was good.

EDIT: Interface (at Preferences > Interface) cannot change the font style. Only the size. So I made the font one size larger.


Same impression here, the new font is not so easy to read fast.

And with dark vs. light mode: best option would be imho to follow the systemwide mode. So reading during daylight and night time would be fine without any intervention.


For reading, give me a serif font any day, not one that looks ‘smart’.


I don’t know if Discourse can absorb it. Also, I don’t know licensing, however, as readability, is designed for.

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Hello everyone,

it may sound strange but I find the font on the ipfire website and the communitoy website hard to read.
When the letters are written in bold, there is no space between the letters.

In or rather with my eyes this is an unnecessary effort to be able to read something clearly.




there’s alreay a topic on font and readability. Give the team some time to tweak some issues…


If you want to have a likelihood that this will be worked on then a bug should be raised by someone.

The login credentials for the IPFire Bugzilla are the email address and password as used for your IPFire People login

As the wiki says:-

Where not to report bugs

Support Forums

The support forums are what there name is. They are just there for support. They are not a resource to report bugs and just leave it there. There are so many posts made on a day and nobody can crawl through all of them and extract bugs from them. If you want to see a bug fixed and you are sure it is actually a bug, open a bug report on the bugtracker.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are not a resource for reporting bugs, either. The reasoning behind that is similar to the support forums. You can however get in touch with people there who can help you to confirm that something is a bug.

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bugzilla for the firewall project is going to be used for signaling things wrong into communtiy discourse?
Is this what are you saying or I’m getting that wrong?

When you create a new bug instead of selecting IPFire as the product select Infrastructure and forums is one of the components that can be selected

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Now the answer is stored also elsewere, and I’m waiting for bugzilla to have hard times…

I have just realised that back in post 5 the font issue was related to the website and not the discourse forum.

In that case you can select the Web Site component from the Infrastructure product in the IPFire Bugzilla.

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For me, the original impression on the screen is alright maybe the fat fonts are a little big too fat.
But if I take a screen shot and look at the png the fonts seem to loose spacing and becomes dizzy.
Possible an aspect for choosing the fonts that it looks good also a a png

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That is my bad! I put things related to the NEW IPfire overall change into one thread! And since the original post (mine) was font related and the Misc section was font related I stuck them together.

In my opinion both of the fonts used are difficult to read.

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I have the feeling that the two may be different causes.

The website has been defined by IPFire so the font for that website will have been chosen by IPFire.

The community is run using discourse. I have looked through the discourse logs and I can see no changes related to fonts. There was the change for the dark mode removal followed a couple of days later by the replacement of the dark mode.
However nothing in the logs related to any other discourse settings being changed.

What has occurred is that the discourse version has been updated 12 days ago and then again 6 days ago with the last update being at a similar time when the website was released.
Maybe discourse have changed something in their font settings.

I don’t have a problem with either of the fonts in my usage.

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the dark mode ha some problem when selecting a drop down menu in the preference section. The font is white and the highlight is white as well making the text invisible.

This is a Discourse issue. It is their dark mode.

The Community font was changed in the Admin mode of Discourse. And we don’t have access to that.

EDIT: @cfusco - if you would, please post this on the Discourse Meta community

(or you can check if someone else has the same issue)


this geevil link is so … :man_shrugging:
it should be edited to:

seems that there is the license available also:

@whom it may concern
i also have absolutely no problems reading the index:

or a topic:

quite excellent reading experience here :star_struck: