Firewall without Routing

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Is there any option to use IPFire as a Firewall only without network Routing?

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No, that isn’t possible at all with any firewall. They all route.

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I’m brand new to IPFire … but transparent (layer 2) firewalls are absolutely a thing.

See for example:

Or: in any Linux distro you can use ebtables to configure some basic filtering rules.

Yes they are. Although I would not really call this a firewall. Most people think of a layer 3 packet filter when they hear the word firewall.

IPFire does not support that. It is not a good idea to run this. I am sure i have explained this in detail somewhere before if you are interested.

Really sad story and news for me then, after more than 10 years of using IPCop / IPFire, for mentioned reason I went now for MikroTik and Barracuda combination.

IPFire and IPCop never supported this and there is literally no demand in the project for it.

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Yes, I know, that’s why I asked it in the first place to be sore, and switched to other mentioned solutions.

No argument … they are rare for a reason and generally would only be appropriate for some special use cases. So OP… what are you trying to do exactly?

User based Web content filtering, etc…