Firewall rules not working

I am trying to open some ports so Steam on a computer can connect. I have the Web Proxy turned on and same for the URL filter. I’ve created firewall rules to allow green0 to access the Internet directly without tunneling through the proxy, but only on specific ports. Yet when I try to have Steam connect, it fails to connect and I get entries in the firewall log saying it blocked traffic.

What do I have to change to resolve the problem?
(Look at the REJECT_FORWARD log entry)

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At the bottom of your screenshot of the Outgoing Firewall Rules it has “Policy Allowed”. This means that Green can access the Internet with no barriers.

I suspect that you don’t need Outgoing access to make Steam work but Firewall rules to port forward specific ports to the pc on Green that you are using to access Steam. You should look at the IPFire Wiki for Port Forward rules

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No, you cant know that, because he dont told us if he blocked forward firewall or whatever.

The only what you can say, the firewall itself can pass to Internet without any additional rules.

The reject_forward packet he mentioned happens if he has

  1. Forward firewall blocked without additional rules


  1. Additional block rules from green to red.

No, he should start reading at start.

Firewall Documentation

Btw. in one of the many other threads i saw someone who plays without any additional rules. I would suggest first try this in the correct way this time… :wink:


Here are my existing firewall settings.