Firewall rules don't work as advised

First off, I’m a newbie at this.

Trying to set up IPFire on a Proxmox VM …

Getting quite frustrated in trying to get it to work successfully since I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong …

Followed the instructions on the video below to a T …

His firewall rules start at about 21.20 …

On completion, he shows he is able to ping out …

But I’m NOT able to …

Any help given will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Make sure that you have correctly configured the networking of the virtual machine first, before considering the configuration of IPFire. Very likely there resides your problem.

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Hi, I did everything as recommended. Went thru it over and over again but can’t see where the problem is.

I even destroyed the VM and reinstalled everything from scratch. Same issue persists.

@vmps On Proxmox, I created a VM (core163) and added 2 network interfaces, vmbr0 and vmbr1.


Booted the VM, did the install. Starting ipfire, it took me to the setup screen, configured red as dhcp (I’m behind another firewall), and green as It asked me to enable dhcp on green with range Rebooted, core163 started, I logged on as root, here’s the ifconfig output.

(red picked up an ip from the primary network and green was configured correctly. You can verify the mac address for red starts with 8E: and the green mac starts with AE:)

I started another VM and set it up to use vmbr1 as its network. The VM started and got Started firefox, was able to access WUI The VM can access the Internet.

Can you post screenshots so we can figure out the problem?


Hi vmps,

I suspect that the rules are not configured correctly. There is a blog post by Peter about a good firewall configuration: - Firewall configuration recommendations for IPFire users

(@jon Should we add Peter’s firewall and IPS recommendations to the learning materials list in the wiki? Seems like a worthwhile addition :slight_smile: )

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Hi Leo!

Yes, definitely worthwhile! There is lots of good information in that blog article.

To all:
Feel free to make changes to the IPFire Wiki. It is open to all for updates and additions. Please do not feel like you need my approval. And I am more than happy to help when you have questions. Go for it!