Firewall Rules (config) for Fritzbox port AVM Mesh Discovery

I found not the right config for (two) firewall rule and hope someone can help me.
The firewall log file is full of this drop info. The drop is ok but I will not that this Info is in the log file.


AVM says:
: TCP port 53805 (or other port between 50001 and 59999):
The FRITZ! Box regularly uses TCP port 53805 or another randomly selected port between 50001 and 59999 to determine whether there are other Mesh-compatible FRITZ! Box models, FRITZ! Repeaters or FRITZ! Powerline adapters in the home network. The devices found are displayed in the FRITZ! Box user interface under “Home Network> Mesh”.

I can’t deactivate the info on Fritzbox

port 137 is blocked automatically in the blue network. The switch to select/deselect this option is in firewall/firewall options.

Thanks cfusco for the info.
Have you a idea for port 53805 ( Between 50001 and 59999 - AVM info)?

I do not know if this this will work.

Go to firewall/firewall groups, click on “services”. Give a name to the new service (e.g. fritzbox scanning). Introduce the range of ports “50001-59999”.

Now that you have the port range, go to /firewall rules and create a new rule:

  • Source: fritzbox IP
  • Destination: your local network (e.g.
  • protocol: preset
    • services: fritzbox scanning <— the name you have chosen in “services”
  • accept/drop/reject, choose “accept”
  • choose the additional setting as you wish
  • save
  • apply changes

Thanks cfuso for this info! Its a good help.

This is helpful for:
Source: Source address (MAC/IP address or network): Mac address
Destination: Standard networks: Any

  • Preset - → Services <fritzbox scanning | see above cfusco (ports “50001-59999”)>
    No more firewall log entries for port example: 53805