Firewall rules can't be edited or created after update

after updating IPFire to 151, I can’t edit the rules ord add new ones. I only see source and nothing else. The error is similar to
What can I do? The IPFire-Installation is not a new one. Does it help to restore an settings backup?
Regards, Chirstain

I got the same problem with a new installation. Still tinkering around so i dont really want to open a bug report just yet.

Can you check the page source of the window? Mine just ends at the beginning of the location list. On view page source i get either till Western Sahara or Eritrea

Then just cut off

If i reload the page i get displayed

To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier.

So something is stuck in page creation


edit: Also checked in Chrome, also get to Western Sahara.

edit1: So i am thinking /var/ipfire/ has some issue. Which means likely the db behind it?
edit2: Or not. Removing the sort function didnt do anything so i am likely in the wrong place. One last note before i reflash, the firewall folder in the direction has an empty locationblock, config, input and outgoing file. Is that supposed to be the case? Lets see if it persists after a reflash

edit3: Problem persists. Both when booting from SD Card and from eMMC. All 3 times it loads till West Sahara / Eritrea

edit4: If somebody could point me towards where the code for the webinterface can be found? If its infact /var/ipfire/, how can i apply changes?

Perhaps this is relative to you.

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Thank you, yes thats the same issue.
edit: And it was in fact the /var/ipfire/ and somebody already put in the work. Thank you @bbitsch!

I’ve only found the problem. Stefan Schantl has put my ‘work-around’ into a true patch and thus a solution for all. Thx to him.

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Thank you for your work. Is it known, when a fix will be available?

see this thread:

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