Firewall rules can’t be edited or created after update

after updating IPFire to 151, I can’t edit the rules ord add new ones. I only see source and nothing else. The error is similar to 14 and
What can I do? The IPFire-Installation is not a new one. Does it help to restore an settings backup? The update to Core152 does not help.
Regards, Chris

Check this out

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This community has a search function ( as most forums ). :wink:

But where is the solution? The topic is closed. I expexted a fux wirth 152,

Read the results of the search, don’t know which thread gives the most recipes.
Or just search in bugzilla for “memory leaks”.

The solution is will be in core update 153.

See this thread for more information:

There is a bug that was identified and will be fixed in the next release:

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