Firewall log : how to understand it?

Hi Guys, i’m recently seeing some drop inputs into my logs. I’m wondering if it’s a kind of “attack” on my FW destination port 65101. How would you interpret it ? Thanks. (ps: the 1.254 is my FW).!

Sans titre-2|690x433

Hi Pierre,

do you have received many more logs for that port until today?

I cannot find useful information about that port (only that it is possibly used by apple) . looks like its not specified…


Hi thanks for getting back to my post. Yes i did, from differents IP, always broadband private customers. Port source changes sometimes but always from UDP UnivPriv requests on my (of course) windows machine. Other ones (linux) are quiet. So i suspect a kind of undisired service running on windows.

Do you have iTunes installed on that machine?

Indid yes. Do you think it’s bonjour ?