Firewall is blocking

Hi all.

Since a few weeks the upload from my weather station to do not work anymore. With try and error I have found out that the IPfire is blocking the traffic. When I connect the weather station direct to an AP that is not behind the firewall the upload is working.

It seems that it does not work anymore since I have upgraded core update 180

In which log I can find some information what is blocking and why the traffic do this domain?

     "profile": {
         "bogomips": 6829.62,
         "cpu": {
             "arch": "x86_64",
             "count": 4,
             "family": 6,
             "flags": [
             "model": 158,
             "model_string": "Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2224 CPU @ 3.40GHz",
             "speed": 3408.009,
             "stepping": 10,
             "vendor": "GenuineIntel"
         "devices": [
                 "deviceclass": "30000",
                 "driver": null,
                 "model": "5353",
                 "sub_model": "0000",
                 "sub_vendor": "0000",
                 "subsystem": "pci",
                 "vendor": "1414"
                 "deviceclass": "60100",
                 "driver": null,
                 "model": "7110",
                 "sub_model": "0000",
                 "sub_vendor": "1414",
                 "subsystem": "pci",
                 "vendor": "8086"
                 "deviceclass": "60000",
                 "driver": null,
                 "model": "7192",
                 "sub_model": "0000",
                 "sub_vendor": "0000",
                 "subsystem": "pci",
                 "vendor": "8086"
                 "deviceclass": "68000",
                 "driver": null,
                 "model": "7113",
                 "sub_model": "0000",
                 "sub_vendor": "0000",
                 "subsystem": "pci",
                 "vendor": "8086"
                 "deviceclass": "10180",
                 "driver": "ata_piix",
                 "model": "7111",
                 "sub_model": "0000",
                 "sub_vendor": "0000",
                 "subsystem": "pci",
                 "vendor": "8086"
         "hypervisor": {
             "vendor": "Microsoft"
         "network": {
             "blue": true,
             "green": true,
             "orange": true,
             "red": true
         "system": {
             "kernel_release": "6.1.45-ipfire",
             "language": "en",
             "memory": 4009516,
             "model": "Virtual Machine",
             "release": "IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - core180",
             "root_size": 10485760.0,
             "vendor": "Microsoft Corporation",
             "virtual": true
     "profile_version": 0,
     "public_id": "489918d20cfbec835cbd3486844722867fe16998"

The domain doesn’t seem to be the problem but an IP of the Tengine webserver is on the Spamhaus ZEN blacklist.

Try creating an exception for


Hi Pascal
Thanks for your help. Finally, I found the root issue. The web proxy was not running since mid-September. Even when I rebooted the Firewall the service was not started. After I have started the Web Proxy manually it worked again immediately.