Firewall hardware fail, swapped

Well, my 12 year old system I was using as a firewall (Intel D945GCLF2 Atom ITX board) finally failed hard last night. But, because of the nature of Linux, and the IPFire setup program, I was able to pull the drive and move it to a newer system I had as a spare desktop. I was back up and running fairly quickly (after wasting time trying to figure out the nature of the failure). Next step is to migrate to a larger drive (currently running on a very old Transcend 16G SSD).

Consumer SATA3 SSD prices are dropping. Even 64GB is a great boost for your setup.

I have several newer SSD’s from 120G to 1T. That isn’t the issue. Time is the issue. May work on it this weekend.

With the whole world in quarantine, I am working from home. And so is my wife. So we need the firewall to be up all the time.