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I have my IPFIRE up and running, I have a 4 port nic in my firewall. 1 port for WAN one for LAN and I’d like to bridge the other 2 ports for LAN but for the life of me I can’t seem to ID what MAC addresses are used vs free so i can add to the green zone. Any assistance?


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Can you see and assign the ports in the WUI ( Network–>Zone Configation)?
I suppose the 4-port-NIC consists of 4 independent interfaces. Times ago, there were 4 port hubs, having only one MAC/one interface.

Yes I sure can, I just don’t know what 2 out of the 4 to pick? 50/50 crap shoot. I don’t want to pick the wrong ones!

@jrl70 if you run setup from the console, it should list all 4 nic with their mac address.

So re-insert the flash drive? OR bash what command?

Figured it out. for all the noobs - just type the word “setup” from the command line

In the Zone Configuration there should be two interfaces with state ‘Native’, one in the RED zone, one in the GREEN zone. Two interfaces should have state ‘None’ in all zones. These are the unused interfaces searched. Switch your GREEN zone to state ‘Bridge’ and your NICs found to state ‘Native’.

Thank you so much for the welcome and the help. Sorry for my lack of manners :rofl:

This no ‘lack of manners’, but more a ‘laziness in searching’. :wink:

If the hardware support the identify feature (Intel, Broadcom nic’s) you can also select a card and chose “Identify” in the setup. Now the selected nic should blink even if no cable is plugged in.

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Not necessarily so, usually I search for all my answers and never meet nice people like you! :smiley: