Filesystem full

It seems the HDD is full. I am not very good in Linux, so could anyone tell me, what to do, to delete no longer used files. (logs? updates?)

seems your /var is full, try this command from the konsole, du /var -d1 -h this will list all the subdirs in /var with size. (du is disk usage, -d1 is depth 1, go down just 1 dir, -h is human readable size). Maybe /var/log is taking too much space so you could delete old files. you can try, du /var/log -d1 -h

This is the result:

[root@ipfire var]# du /var -d1 -h
15G /var/lib
12K /var/lock
352M /var/cache
32K /var/state
2.2M /var/tmp
24K /var/spool
4.0K /var/mail
12M /var/ipfire
4.0K /var/urlrepo
8.0K /var/db
16K /var/lost+found
41G /var/updatecache
4.0K /var/empty
154M /var/log
56G /var
[root@ipfire var]#

I think it would be helpfull, to delete the content of /var/updatecache

[root@ipfire updatecache]# du /var/updatecache/ -d1 -h
32K /var/updatecache/download
4.0K /var/updatecache/metadata
412M /var/updatecache/mozilla
6.0G /var/updatecache/linux
34G /var/updatecache/microsoft
41G /var/updatecache/
[root@ipfire updatecache]#

Which is the correct command to delete the content of a complete directory?

Do you have the Update Accelerator enabled ?
Before you delete any files manually, you should check this first.
In the IPFire-Wiki there is an section describing the Update Accelerator and its functions. If you scroll further down you can see that there is a button in the gui to purge/delete files and you also have the option to configure max. disk usage.
Hope this is of any help

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That worked fine.

But unfortunately it seems something is broken because of the full disc.
There is no possibility for me to get a connection to the internet. (getting update information or updating to a new version of Ipfire)

Because of that I installed the complete system on a new disc.

Now everything does work fine.