Fighting MS Teams performance


The problem is that MS Teams is lagging on computers in company (Win 10). Let say 5 computers are on the same Teams meeting just watching the shared screen from outside of the company. Some are lagging for let say 5 seconds, some minute, different.

I have inspected one of them that was lagging and I saw that MSTeams “Received packet loss” was from 20-30%. Which is way too much if I read MS recomendation.

I saw in MS recommendation that ports UDP: 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481 should be open on firewall.
Now when I look at the connections in IPFire I see that they are not ESTABLISHED. Is this OK, or I do not understand this correctly?

Internet speed is 25/25 Mbit and when meeting is in progress the utilization is max 2MBit.

This problem is not specific to IPFire version. I have IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core Update 164 installed.

Thank you

Hi @simonsays

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I am not sure if this might be causing your problem but I thought I would flag it up for info in case it is related.

There has been an ongoing problem for some people of problems with zoom or other video conf calls. This has been ongoing for those people since Core Update 153 as it was quite difficult to track down what the problem was as the devs could never replicate the problem on their systems.

Here is the bug info for this

The cause for this bug was tracked down to a problem with the mtu setting that was being dealt with by dhcpcd.
A fix for this has been implemented into Core Update 165 which is currently in Testing phase.

This is correct since this is UDP, which is connectionless. You will only have states like “ESTABLISHED” for TCP.

But since you are seeing traffic in both ways (i.e. the counters) those connections are working fine.