Few more DNS resolvers w/TLS DNSSEC

I stumbled upon some interesting Public DNS services/resolvers:
Not sure what is their affiliation but they seem to run a similar setup.
unbound (resolver) + [haproxy (dns-over-tls)

I figured I should post it here and see if it’s worth to include in the Wiki

  1. Nixnet DNS

-no logs, DNSSEC, DoT, Uncensored or Adblock is optional, QNAME minimisation
-Anycast or choose 3 servers


Another one is

  1. Lelux

Privacy policy

  1. Snopyta

Privacy policy

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Thank you for this! I can’t elaborate enough just how wonderful it is to utilize DoT cause it’s just so much better than DoH when it comes to security and reliability.

Here’s mine:

  1. Seby [Australian]

Nixnet is also my personal favorite. I have more to list here but I forgot to update my to-go notes about it - will add more later.

Not that sensitive when it comes to Privacy Policies cause my stance is Security > Privacy. While Privacy is important, it’s not something that you can realistically protect up to 100%.

A note for the uninitiated to DoT:
DoT utilizes port 853 and needs to have inputs on BOTH domain name and ip address fields for it to work so if it isn’t working then it’s either of these two things that you should be looking into.

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