Feature Request : Show all connected devices except RED

Often I want to know how many devices are connected to my internal zones (All except RED). There are many reasons for wanting to see a summary of connected devices.

The Status>Connections page shows ip connections, but doesn’t give any info on the devices.

The Network>DHCP does show connected devices with identifying host names, but only those with leases. The list of “Current Dynamic Leases” includes crossed out expired leases. I can’t really think of a common use-case for showing expired leases, so for me, it is just noise.

There is no simple one page summary list of all devices connected behind the firewall. I would use that feature a lot.

One way of implementing this feature request would be to:

Add a button in the “Current Dynamic Leases” section with text/function that alternates : “Hide Expired Leases” and “Show Expired Leases” where hiding expired leases is the default to make space for:

Add a new section in Network>DHCP Configuration that has the following column headings:
Zone IP Address MAC Hostname Ping

Zone can be any zone except RED. The zone could be colour coded.
ip address is the ip address
MAC is the MAC
Hostname is the Hostname
Ping is a button to ping the ip address to just see if the connection is active/enabled. The response could be colour coded where: White = untested, Green = tested OK, Red = no connection.

Enhanced features would include:
Clicking on a column heading would sort (not filter) the rows.
Adding all this into a new page, because it should really be in the Status menu.
Include a “Ping All” command to test the connection to all listed devices.

I think this simple feature would be useful to many users. I don’t have the skill set to contribute to the development of this feature but I think it should be relatively simple to do. I expect it will only require modifications to the WUI and not the underlying ipFire application. It would answer the most basic question of what is connected to my network right now.

I think this addon maybe what your looking for?


Found it, installed it.

I generally don’t install addons (this is the first) because the more code, the more chance of exploitable bugs. WIO has more features than I need but is too useful not to install.

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Never used it but sounds interesting.